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About Boars and Elks
About Perspective

Amitosis and Cell Division
Bear Hunt
Bubble Trouble
Children of the North Sea
Cuckoo, The
Development and Reproduction of Peas
Emergency Help by Laymen at Farms II
Excavations from the Stone Age
Experiments with Paramecium
Fellahin in Egypt II
Fertilization and Crenation of a Rabbit Ovum
Flight of the Hummingbird, The
Feeding a Suckling
Floor Exercises - Part 1
Floor Exercises - Somersaults and Flik-Flak
German Farming in Cameroon
Gymnastics and Ballroom Dance
Heart of the Ox
Herdsmen in the Pußta (Hungary)
Hop Cultivation

Horses in Arizona
How to Assist in Sports Class
How a Valley Forms

In an African Village
'Jungle Dwarfs' in Central Afrika
Metamorphosis of the Butterfly, The
Metamorphosis of the Dragonfly, The
Microorganisms in Fresh Water
Milling Plant I
Milling Plant II
Nibbling Mouse, The
Nude Interlude
Nursing at Home
On Iceland's Bird Mountains
Operation on the Heart
Osprey, The
Pacific Paradise
Production of Sausage Skin
Putting on Armour
Reproduction of Plants with Cuttings
Revue of Beautiful Women